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Welcome to Retire @ Midstream

The fourth development within Midrand Estates. The first three developments were: Midstream Estate in 2003, Midfield Estate in 2005 and Midlands Estate which is nearing completion.

Midrand Estates’ motto of “Only the best...” thoroughly applies to Retire@Midstream. Only the best planning, execution, safety and care with the ultimate in relaxation and peace of mind are on offer here.

Residents will be encouraged to serve on the Home Owners' Association and its various sub-committee portfolios.

Tel: (012)940 9555
Midteam Agents
Tel: (012) 940 9090/1/2
Website: www.midteam.co.za
Website: Midfield Clubhouse
Golf, Fly fishing and Day Spa
Tel: (012) 661 0590
Website: Midfield Golf, Moyen Day Spa
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As one grows older, the assurance that your medical needs will be taken care of becomes of paramount importance. The Midstream Medical Centre offers the following:

An equipped 30-bed Frail Care Unit with single and double rooms, is situated on the first floor of the main building, and will be managed by experts. Two elevators and emergency power is available.

The Sub-Acute Unit, where patients can recover from operations, will be managed in conjunction with the frail care unit.

The existing general practitioner practice of Drs. Greyling and Coetzer, and those of dentists and physiotherapists will be moving to the main building. This move offers more space to accommodate the wide range of medical facilities offered and direct access to residents of Retire@Midstream.

Paramedic services and Day Care are managed from the Midstream Medical Centre. Any medical emergency will receive immediate attention and paramedics based at the Medical Centre can be at an emergency situation within minutes.

Home Care is a most convenient way to be cared for. It offers you the convenience of being cared for by a qualified nurse while enjoying the comforts of your own home and familiar environment. You would not need to concern yourself about meals as they can be ordered and delivered through a service that will be provided through the restaurant at Retire@Midstream.

A Day Clinic with two operating theatres and a 20 bed ward is being planned. This service is subject to the necessary license being awarded.

A well-stocked medical pharmacy, also including cosmetics, perfumery and similar products is situated in the main building.

Conditions like Alzheimers, dementia and schizophrenia are not catered for at the Midstream Medical Centre.

Website: Square @ Midstream
Bus service
A minibus service is available for use by both sectional title units and full title residences.
Travel to Mall@Reds Every Thursday morning at 10:00 from the Gaurdhouse (Please book by Monday 12:00).
Every second Tuesday will be a longer trip.
Last Tuesday of the month, travelling to Brooklyn.
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A conservancy is planned which will be located adjacent to the northern part of the development. Here residents can view small game and ostriches from their verandahs or from lookout points.

Leading off from the Sectional Title Units, you will be able to enjoy leisurely walks through the winding footpaths of the lush and vegetation-flled nature park.

A Wall of Remembrance will be situated in the eastern part of the nature park with features such as a tranquil water fountain and benches to rest on.


The Main Building in the Retire@Midstream complex will house community facilities, including:

  • A top class licensed a La carte restaurant where exceptional meals for the connoisseur can be ordered. Affordable "home style" cooked meals will also be provided.
  • A multi-functional community hall and theatre with 200 seats will accommodate a variety of activities including community gatherings, trim gym, dance and shows.
  • On the mezzanine level of the main building, you'll find an extended social lounge adjacent to a ladies bar. Card games and billiards are catered for in the lounge.
  • A staffed library with reading corners and sunny verandahs.
  • An internet and computer centre with support staff, making it easy for those who wish to use this facility.
  • A hair salon that caters for those special occasions.
Full title stands - X41

As a service to our clients, we supply layout plans on this site. Please take note that these plans are to be used for planning purposes only and may be subject to change. Final positions of services and connections to be verified on site and confirmed at the relevant authority (Ekurhuleni Metro, Land Surveyor General etc.)

Full title stands offer owners the opportunity of appointing their own architect and construction company. The minimum building size will be 150m² and although there are no limitations on the building style, there are aesthetic rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to. Construction must be completed within 18 months from date of proclamation.

Sectional title stands - X46

Sectional title units all have their own private gardens which will be maintained by the Body Corporate as part of the monthly levy. The keeping of pets is restricted at these units.

All sectional title units will be supplied with airconditions and a television set.

Lease hold and living rights do not apply - thus your investments stays yours - to lease, sell or allocate for inheritance. Any person or Trust may buy a unit within the resort, but only persons aged 55 or older may occupy the unit.

Purchase info and levies

Levies payable to the Home Owner's Association do not include property tax (which is payable directly to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council), and the cost of water and electricity, which will be levied for each property individually.

More information can be obtained from the agents:

Midteam Agents
Tel:  (012) 940 9090/1/2
Website:   www.midteam.co.za